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Launched in 1967 by Editora Abril, EXAME is leading business magazine in Brazil. EXAME is published biweekly and its current circulation is about 150.000 copies. EXAME has approximately 115.000 subscribers. Every issue of the magazine reaches around 1 million readers.

EXAME’s mission is to provide the business community with information and analysis in a wide variety of subjects, such as strategy, marketing, management, consumption, finances, human resources and technology. According to a research conducted by Ipsos-Marplan, 91% of of the 500 largest companies CEOs operating in Brazil are EXAME readers.

EXAME also runs a number of special issues throughout the year. Melhores e Maiores, published once a year, is the most authoritative guide to the largest companies in Brazil. Guia de Sustentabilidade and Guia de Infra-estrutura, also yearly publications, are comprehensive directories of the best sustainability practices and infrastructure projects in the country.


EXAME’s website www.exame.com.br is the most respected source of breaking news in business, finance and the economy. The site also runs all the stories that are found in our print editions, as well as blogs from our team of specialized journalists and a growing selection of videos.

EXAME.com is not merely a news website. It also provides its visitors with a number of useful tools for investors, such as Cotações Bovespa and Melhores e Maiores Online.

With financial data from the 1.200 largest companies in Brazil, the website also offers the reports published on the print edition of EXAME as well as blogs and videos.

Special Issues

A forty-year-old publication, Melhores e Maiores is the leading yearbook about the financial performance of the largest companies in Brazil. Guia EXAME de Sustentabilidade, launched in 2000, is a pioneering publication, focusing on the analysis of environmental and corporate social responsibility of the country’s leading companies.

Anuário de Infra-Estrutura lists the main infrastructure projects being developed in the country and surveys the various different areas of the economy that are vital for Brazil’s competitiveness, such as ports, highways and telecommunications. The newest addition to EXAME comprehensive lineup of publications is EXAME CEO. The magazine is delivered exclusively to C-level executives of the leading companies in Brazil.

The Team

All the content under the brand EXAME is produced by a high skilled team of about 110 journalists, designers, revisers and photographers. Our editorial headquarters is located in São Paulo and there are also offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília and New York.